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[New babies//]

I was going to put off taking this picture until I received my latest package from lineaalba but I've been feeling ill and sniffly and I have more work to do than I'd like, so I wanted to do something cheery :3
Those eevee's, omgg. First of all, I'm not a huge fan of eevee itself, I'll only really pick out cute things xD I refused to buy the pokedoll in the first instance, because I just didn't like it as a plush. These two though. Waaaah! They're so adorable. They're like Mr and Mrs Eevee XD Totally worth the insane bid-war with a Japanese bidder X3
Batchu! Is all ready for halloween, and is now up with golbat-bagchu. I'm probably going to be taking them out with me on the day itself xD (Thankyou Gin!!)

Luxray, oh dear dear luxray. This plush, is perfect in almost every way. Pattern, construction, fabric, details. Everything is amazing, except one thing. Which has kind of made me feel really upset about the plush. The black felt (and to be honest most of the rest of the plush) has been sewn together with white thread. It's the little details that make or break a plush to me, and the white is really obvious up close. I have to resist the urge to unpick the stitching and restitch it all with black thread. I personally, have 'made do' on colours before, but used the closest match.
Very unhappy about that :c

ProTip for anyone making plush in the future: Thread colour is really important!!! XD

Also; Anyone who has paid for anything within the last week, all items have been mailed out. And all packages from the Group Auction have also been mailed out, so if any of you have any queries, or if you don't receive your packages in about a week and a half, PM me asap and I can sort it out.

Thanks guyss :33

:edit: I did not make the Luxray XDD; Made by Yukata Yumi of DeviantArt :3
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