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Two Photostories this time around! ^_^

For the short version, collection update, Giratina and Rayquaza collections on my site have been updated:

Funnel Cake: Is this what I think it is?
Cheese Stick: Ooooh! Big box!
Corn Dog: What's in it?
Malaria: Friend for me? :<
Cholera: Eh...

Funnel Cake: It is...
Others: Ooooh, what is it?
Malaria: *wibble* ;~;

Funnel Cake: Actually... You aren't as bad as I thought you'd be, even if you are bigger than me.
Corn Dog: Woah...
Cheese Stick: He's huge. :O
Fried Twinkie: That box was too small. >.>

Cholera: You've got to stop acting like this... ._.;
Malaria: But I want more friends! The Plague never talks to anyone but his rats and Amber only has one more friend for me on her wishlist! And if they don't like me then no one will!
Cholera: Um... And what about Amber?
Malaria: She's been taking all sorts of Origin form stuff of her wishlist. ;-;
Cholera: Maybe, but at least she isn't getting rid of any of us.

New additions are the clipping figure and the stick mascot. ^_^ And I've moved the bowl over and turned it around so everything looks more even.

And here is my desktop/entire current collection:

Desk Updated: 10-3
by ~AmberTDD on deviantART

But where was the Plague during all this? Surely he would have wanted to see the new member of the family large enough to rival him in size?
Oh wait... Nevermind, he seems to have other "priorities"... ._.;

The Plague: OMG.


The Plague: RAAAAAAT!!! ~<3
Jefferson: Food? :O


The Plague: OMG RATS.
Amethyst: Are you food? :O
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