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Wants and gets

Hello everyone ^__^  There's some collections I'd love to get ahead on and I was wondering if anyone had any of this for sale :D
And for last I added a few pics of my newest gets that came with the FJ box I just opened to reward you for looking at my boring wants posts haha :)

1) Sleeping piplup Tomy
Will pay well! $50+
I just won Chimchar and Turtwig this weekend after wanting them for two years and now I'm dying for a sleepy little penguin to complete the trio <3
(also very interested in Pachirisu!! <3)

2) Shaymin mirror movie keychain
I can't stop thinking about this little guy<3 Even though I know it's very rare.
Does anyone have it and are willing to part with it?
Again willing to pay well for one.

3) Fennekin Tomy ball keychain
fennkin tomy ball keychain
This gorgeous little keychain figure were in a set with the other starters, Xerneas and Yveltal.
I didn't realize such a cute figure existed before I stumbled upon a collection site of Allinia's.
Hope you don't mind that I used your picture!

4) Eevee and Sylveon promo stuff!

Happy party time:
- clear file
- notepad
- letterset
- ruler
- mirror

Sylveon, Eevee and Pikachu PC promo:
- bento boxes 4 pack set
- bento bag
- sticker making set
- pencils all types minus two that I already have
- ruler
- childrens comb

La Maison de Eievui:
- hair pins

5) Sylveon movie items (a long shot but here's hoping haha <3)
Especially interested in the rubix cube, various sticker sheets, meiji cards and that Korean mousepad.

Please refer to this post on my journal HERE if you have any movie items you'd be willing to sell <3 Also shows pictures of my eevee promo wants above :)

6) My biggest pokemon wants in the world :3
And also if anyone has anything from my list of super duper high wants that I seldomly bother posting since I'm not expecting to find them any time soon (can be found HERE) please let me know if you're willing to sell any of this, you will be very generously rewarded!

Here's the bonus for reading all this x) This cut also has more text, I can't help myself since some gets have kind of a story behind them, but you don't have to read it haha.
Click the pictures to see them in their original size :)

DSC05939 DSC05943DSC05945

Very happy with my new figures and this has really been the summer of pokemon art purchases for me!! Those banpresto postcards <3 I somehow saw an auction for them like a couple of minutes after it had ended. I clicked some suggestions for another auction page I had open in one of my tabs and saw a full set of these babies, but the auction had ended. 3 minutes ago!!! I kinda freaked out over it since I've been wanting them forever. I was just never lucky with my search before and then I find a full set when it's just ended?? I was so frustrated x) Luckily when two other members suddenly had this set up for auction on the comm I realized the seller had multiple sets of these so I made sure to win one, which seemed to be the very last set! It was not cheap, but so worth it! <3 I framed the big Ninetales immediately in the fear I'd damage it :3 Also very happy to have found some old eeveelution attack kids cards I was missing :D If anyone have the boxes for these or the Flareon card, I'd be super interested in purchasing btw! :)
I also just can't believe that I got all these toyopet watches!! They are AMAZING, so big and vibrant and gorgeous ^__^ I wasn't planning on ever getting Sylveon because of the huge competition for her items but I won it for a very reasonable price <3 I promised a member I'd help them look for this, since I wasn't willing to pay for it myself, but I got lucky. Sorry about that :(

Also so stoked to have found the LMDE phone case to put on my iphone 5 when I buy one. My old iphone 3G is becoming more and more useless :P The screen no longer lights up ect. so time to put my LMDE cover into good use :D
And I really fell hard for the walky stuff. It's just so incredibly cute and pretty <3

Thanks so much for looking <3 Have a great day/evening everyone! :)
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