Raine (eevees) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Misdreavus Wants Help!

Hi Pokémon Collectors! I joined this community a while ago and I've bought a couple things, but this is actually my first time posting to the group so I would really appreciate if you could take a moment to help me with some wants. ^^

A friend of mine is a huge fan of Misdreavus and Mismagius, and I would love to surprise him with a little something of his favourite Pokémon for his birthday. It's not until next month, but I figured I would start searching early just in case my plan doesn't go accordingly haha!

I'm interested in buying any of the following, so I would appreciate if you would be willing to sell or know anyone who may be selling. Shipping would be to Australia; I would prefer not to pay more than $50 shipped [per item], but depending on the rarity of the item I may consider paying more:

  • 2009 Pokémon Time Misdreavus Strap

  • 2009 Misdreavus Halloween Plush Keychain

  • Misdreavus/Mismagius Metal Charm Set

  • Mismagius Pokédoll

Of course this isn't an extensive list, so if you have any other Misdreavus/Mismagius items on offer please let me know. Thank you for your time!
Tags: misdreavus, mismagius
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