erikiteru (erikiteru) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update + awesome get!

Title is self-explanatory. Take a look under the cut!

One new addition to my lizard collection! The helioptile MPC plush. How cute!

My jolteons have increased in number. I got the ippai figure and mini stamp from a member on the community, and the custom jolteon amigurumi from a con. She was made by Mengy!

I also got this adorable Raichu plush. <3

It's the play-by-play Raichu coin pouch! For quite a while I have been searching for a rarer Raichu plush to add to my collection, and I found this guy on eBay! He was listed with an Eevee plush in an auction, so I contacted the seller and offered 60 dollars for the plush alone. The seller accepted my offer and I got this amazingly rare and adorable plush! He is in perfect mint condition with tags.

Close up of the tag!

Thanks for viewing!
Also, does anybody happen to have any misc helioptile stuff for sale? I'm talking stuff like dice, stamps, the Dydo drinco can, etc. I'm looking to purchase such items!
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