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Dr Ishida

Bootleg canvas charmander comparison. ( A guide for newer plush)

Hey guys I come to you with i hope a handy guide in identifying fake plushes ( that aren't pokedolls)  There are a few tutoials here on finding a fake pokedoll. To summerise you look at the tag. - Genrally look for the shadow under the pikachu and the pokedoll letters. However, sadly the bootleggers are getting better at imitating legit plush. So I decided to conduct an experiment. I bought a fake charmander plush from a local game store for a mere £5 ($10ish) and I will compare with my legit one.  Hopefully you can see the differences between the two,


The legit one is on the left, fakemander is on the right. Already we can see the first major difference in the colour of the two. The legit charmander is a deeper orange while the fake is lighter. This is also seen on a large varity of bootlegs like the charizard pokedoll. A difference in colour is a good indicator. However this has its limitations as you need to know what the plush looks like or take into account that it could be a factory flaw like Gin's orange Raichu.

Legit                                                                             Fake

We can see the difference in the shape of the two. The fake is more squished looking and you can tell that it isn't right when you compare it to the legit one,.

Note the sititching. The legit one has nice clean stitiching while the fake one has poor quality on the back of the head.



The legit tag is on the left nd the fake is on the right. The counterfeiters are getting smarter and copying the look of the tag to lure you in to thinking that it is real. It isn't. The fake tag has darker text and picture. The legit tag is off my travel buddy charmander who is real as I bought him not long after he was released. Real canvas tags should feaure softer colours and shades as part of the design. The fake tag is made of a different kind of card to the legit one. The tag can be a huge indicator. You can tell by the feel of the cardboard or shape of the print. Some tags that are on fake plush don't exist as they are just sort of stock images from the anime.


Tush tags
Sadly my travel buddy charmander lost his tush tag a while ago so i had to get my collection piece as the comparason. The legit one is on the left again. The Canvas was released in 2012 I think ( end of)  The font is different and the tush tag material feels cheaper and is made of a less quality material.


Overall the fakemander is of a far less quality then the legit one. I hope this has been helpful for anyone who sees fake plush in a store or online.

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