Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Searching for a salespost I haven't paid & Gets!

Hello comm! First, I'm searching for a salespost and hope the member will read this! I was commited in a ledyba minicot figure but I forgot to pay and now I don't find the post anymore :/ ! I really want to pay, please help! Thanks a lot! >.


Also, I got my package yesterday with the japan pickups from the member allinia They came so very fast! And they arrived well! I'm so happy with these cuties I got ♥ Thanks so much :D At the same time I also arrived my next package from oyatsucafe! Look under the cut for my gets!^^

2 packages I got yesterday! I love to get packages :D

First I opened the package with my japN pickups! So cool to get a pikachu pokemoncenter bag for free! :3

I ordered a dedenne petit plush mascot and a pokemon time dragonite strap. Theyre sooooooo cute - I love them!

This time strap looks so adorable ~

And what is this?? The backside of the package is a dragonite bookmark? So cool!^^
I ordered this strap because I wanted to use it...but then, unfortunately I saw that I cannot use a phonestrap on my galaxy S3  O.O ...So I had the idea to use the dragonite charm on a necklace:

Looks cute! :D These time straps really are so great. Haha ^^

The dedenne petit plush mascot is so cute, too. I also love the tag and never will detach it!

Here it is along with my dedenne pokedoll and my other petit plush mascot, raichu - which I got from ebay. I love these plushes! ♥


Now here is what I got in the package from oyatsucafe:

A new pokemon wakame soup, ensky bromide cards and some sweets. (I must say these hi-chew candys are AWESOME delicous!! O.O They tastes like real fruits! )

These big bromide cards are beautiful. Unfortunately I got no one with a fav pokemon, like dedenne :(

Here is the sticker I got from the soup!

If anyone is interested in them, let me know :3

Thats all, thanks for looking and hope this wasn't to boring! Have a nice weekend!

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