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Collection post: Lucario-centric doujinshi collection!

Phew, I've wanted to do this forever but only just got around to taking a few pics! Because my camera sucks, I'm going to add the stock pics of my entire collection as well. :) These have taken a long time to collect, years in fact! I adore Lucario, and even moreso I adore Sir Aaron and his Lucario, and Riley/Gen and his Lucario. Luckily I'm not alone and a few doujinka seem to have an affinity for them as well! :D

Here are a few pics of my collection in a pile:

Here's a spread from the inside of this doujinshi:

(This doujinshi in particular is stunning, it's really more of a full colour artbook full of Lucario art!)

And here are my doujinshi by cover. You may notice in the second group picture that there is a doujinshi of Aaron and Lucario that doesn't appear in this list. That's because no one has added it the doujinshi database! It's a cute, sweet doujinshi but I don't know much more about it than that!

Besides a duplicate of "Pure Blue" and "Hadou Anthology"(bah, trying to get rid of those guys since I have no use for duplicates, I came about owning duplicates because of auction bundling, sort of what happens when you see a figure you NEED but it's bundled with other figures you could do without! XD), I only have one of each of these doujinshis. It's been an exhaustive search to get all of these ones! ^^ In particular the doujinshi by DARK WATER/PINK POWER, after a long, LONG time I can finally say I own all of his Aaron/Lucario centric doujinshi!

<--This was the one that took years to find, but I finally scored it on Rakuten a few months ago! :D

So, does anyone else collect doujinshi here? I know there are a ton of doujinshi featuring the human denizens of Pokemon (I own a few featuring the subway twins as well! ^^; )!

If you do collect doujinshi, what characters/pokemon do you collect for? :) I'm so curious if I'm the only one on here that considers doujinshi collecting to be a big time hobby when it comes to Pokemon!
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