Finnie (finniee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Quick wants!

A while ago someone posted about stationary (I think they were diaries?? I have no idea but it was a book or a pouch or a wallet) from the Pokémon Center with Slowpoke and other Pokémon on it. It was dark and I really should have saved the pictures but I didn't because I suck. >: If anyone has photos or (even better) one of said objects, please let me know!

Also here's my wants list:

For high-price items, trades would be appreciated at the moment - I make custom plushes and you can see those here!

Please fling all your unwanted Slows my way. Thank you. <: EDIT: I'm also looking for the full set of the cards that came with the recent McDonald's promo. Not looking to spend a bomb on them but if you have them lying around please shoot me a message!
Tags: slowbro, slowking, slowpoke, wants
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