dark_7_days (dark_7_days) wrote in pkmncollectors,

How many years?

It's so interesting to see how many collections are so different from one another.

What's so amazing is the time people have spent enjoying the wonderful world of pokemon.

How long has everyone been collecting pokemon and if you can remember, what were the first item(s) you received to start your collection?

16 years for me!
September of 1998 was when I first saw Pokemon. I had no idea at the time what it was called but my uncle made sure to figure it out. It was about a week later I got Pokemon Blue(followed by Red a few months later). I don't remember how long after getting the games I got my first item but I do remember my uncle and I going to the Deptford Mall, stopping at Spencer's and getting a light up key chain of Chansey. Not much longer after my uncle bought me the little box set of Mew with the Master Ball that catches pokemon from GameStop. From there the collection started.
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