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Gets! USA Toys R Us Pickups and Pokemon Ionix review!

Hey guys! Got some recent gets I wanted to share and I had to run out and buy the Ionix Venusaur set! I am offering pickup from USA for Toys R Us Pokemon Goods. Sales rules at the bottom of the post.

I am offering Pickups on the following items seen Below. there are roughly 2 of each of these and I will fill orders ASAP and can pick up everyday, just ask! If an item is sold out, I will give you an immediate refund and message you!

Single Pack Figures     $14.99  (about 2 of each)  Mega Charizard Y x1  Mega Venusaur X1
Inkay with Dive Ball x2  $15.99
4 Packs (Manectric, Fletchling, Floete, Blastoise)   or Dedenne, Venusaur, Scatterbug, Mawile)  $22.99
3 packs-Greninja Line x2 or Delphox line x1 $22.99
Pokemon Ionix Venusaur Pack $29.99
Pokemon Ionix Mini Figure single packs Ask or Pikachu $10.99
Clip N Carry Cross Belf Fletchinder and Klefki $29.99
I managed to finally find a MPC Volcarona Plush on here yay! Soft warm and fluffy! I love it! Now to find the Larvesta!IMG_0944
Bulbasaur tape dispenser! I had no idea that this existed but jumped on the opportunity to own such a unique item!IMG_0945IMG_0947
Time to check out the Ionix Bulbasaur and Venusaur Ionix Set! I found these at Toys R Us after reporst of them being in stores so I ran out and bought one!

The Bulbasaur is taller when compared to some more recent figures. Shown here is the new Zukan, Tomy, NFC and kid. The figure itself comes in 3 pieces to assemble.

Venusaur is the major meat and potatoes of the pacgage and tackes several stepsto build with stickers to add to the flower.
For size comparison from left to right we have the  Mega Zukan, Mon Colle, D-Arts, and Hasbro DX!


The mouth can open and close and the legs are fully posable on ball joints as well as the head. The leaves and flower cannot move but one of the coolest features is that you can turn it into Mega Venusaur by removing and adding some other parts provided in this set!

Overall, its a cool large figure that clearly shows off what it is while giving us a neat original buildable figure and the 1st largest set of the new Pokemon Ionix with more to come!

I have accumulated a ton of goodies that I would like to sell or even trade! I am looking for many Saur, Poli, and Porygon line items including flats that I may not have. My wants are located here on my collection site


Custom Pokemon art here!

non Pokemon sales

- I received sales permission from Dakajojo on 3-8-11
- All pkmncollectors rules apply.
- I reserve the right not to sell to you if I feel that you are untrustworthy, have had any neutral/negative feedback
- I will ship internationally, but prices start at $7.
- I ship from NV USA
- Paypal only please!
Please Pm me here for trades preferably for items seen in my shop.

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