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Pokémon Type Wild, has anyone else played/heard of it?

Wow! Okay, so I'm a longtime lover of fighting games. (*Points to icon*) I never thought that there would be a pokemon fighting game! But apparently there is! It's called Pokemon Type Wild, and it's a fan-made 2D fighting game where you fight as Pokemon. (Lucario is in it and to my delight I saw footage where one of his moves is an assist where Sir Aaron steps into the battle and uses a move!)

It's originally Japanese-language but there's an English language pack available for it. It's only available via file-sharing websites so I haven't gotten a chance to try it yet, but the graphics look incredible!

I just thought this was an awesome piece of trivia and it got me wondering how many other people on here are gamers, and if you've already tried/would love to try this game!

I also wonder how widely known this game is. Ever since we got Super Smash Brothers with Pikachu I've longed for a game that would allow you to play AS the pokemon in a fighting game (something so much more satisfactory about you being the one pressing "b" for sand attack, that sort of mentality! :3 ) and while this is a far cry from the 3D fully immersive experience that SSB is, this is definitely a step towards what I was thinking about!
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