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Sales Post - cards, etc.

Sales post time!
Today I'm selling cards, a pair of earrings, and I'm doing a last chance offer for some Shaymin kids that amazingly enough, haven't sold(?!?!)

-Shipping from the USA
-Prices do not include shipping
-Paypal only
-No holding of items
-No price haggling, but trades okay. Here's what I'm looking for:Wishlist 1 Wishlist 2
I will also trade for Fire-type Pokemon cards I don't already own!
-When ordering, please state your location, and post the image link to the item(s) you want.

Okay, SHAYMIN KIDS- I has them!
I have three Shaymin land forme kids to sell. All are new, but only one of them has the candy. ^_^;;
They have been opened, and two have been on display, but that's it.
I'm selling them for $3.50 a piece.

I made these Pokéball earrings from the little metal tabs that come on the metal tins. Their weight bothers me when I wear them, but maybe you won't mind!

Now on to the cards section. :) Prices as marked.

Common Gligar: 25 cents
Reverse holo common Tyrogue: 50 cents
Uncommon Metang: 50 cents
Holo common Krabby: 50 cents
Uncommon Nuzleaf: 50 cents
Uncommon Breloom: 50 cents
Uncommon Wartortle: 50 cents
Common Wooper: 25 cents

Uncommon Bayleef: 50 cents
Common Larvitar: 25 cents
Common Horsea: 25 cents
Common Diglett: 25 cents
Common Tentacool: 25 cents
Common Meowth: 25 cents
Uncommon Tauros: 50 cents
Common Ledyba: 50 cents

Common Whismur: 25 cents
Common Skitty: 25 c
Granbull not for sale
Common Ledyba: 25 c
Common Pikachu: 25 c
Rare Mantine: 1.25
Holo Igglybuff with gold lettering: 1.50
Common Mareep: 25 c
Common Exeggcute: 25 c

Uncommon Glalie: 50 c
Common Carvanha: 25 c

Holographic Rare Relicanth: 2
Common Corphish: 25 c
Common Spearow: 25 c

Common Treeko: 25 c
Common Croagunk: 25 c
Common Carvanha: 25 c

Uncommon Aerodactyl: 50 c
Common Horsea: 25 c
Common Charmander: 25 c

Rare Golduck: $1

Common Shellos: 25 c
Common Shellder: 25 c

Rare Plusle: $1.25

Reverse holo uncommon Dodrio: 75 c
Reverse holo rare Jynx: $2
Uncommon Pidgeotto: 50 cents

Common Corsola: 25 c
Common Stantler: 25 c
Common Exeggcute: 25 c
Rare Exeggutor: $1
Common Mareep: 25 c
Rare Abomasnow: $1.50
Common Snover: 50 c
Common Charmander: 25 c

Common Lileep: 25 c
Common Chikorita: 25 c
Common Paras: 25 c
Uncommon Shellgon: 50 c
Holo promo Lucario lv. X: $3.50
Common Sunkern: 25 c
Reverse holo common Voltorb: 50 c
Uncommon Sandslash: 50 c

Common Surskit: 25 c
Common Caterpie: 25 c
Common Nincada: 25 c
Common Seedot: 25 c
Common Cacnea: 25 c
Common Seedot 2: 25 c
Common Kakuna: 25 c
Reverse holo Rare Tangrowth: $1.75
Common Venonat: 25 c

Holo rare Machamp: $1.50
Common Baltoy: 25 c
Makuhita: 25 c

Uncommon Kangaskhan: 50 c
Common Whismur: 25 c
Holo common Diglett: 50 c
Reverse holo uncommon Fearow: 75 c
Common Swablu: 25 c
Reverse holo common Sandshrew: 50 c
Common Kabuto: 25 c
Rare Primeape: $1

Common Snubbull: 25 c
Common Togepi: 25 c
Uncommon Togetic: 50 c

Rare holo Gardevoir lv. X: $4

Uncommon Cacturne: 50 c
Holo Uncommon Nuzleaf: 75 c
Uncommon Cacturne 2: 50 c

Common Pidgey: 25 c

Rare holo Fearow with gold text (and the holo part is on the character instead of the bg): $2

Common Ekans: 25 c
Common Chimchar: 25 c
Common Taillow: 25 c

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