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Card Trades

I know a card post was just made but I am only seeking trades. :3

Rare Rev. Holos - Regice, Vileplume, Sceptile

Random Rev. Holos - Combusken, Fossil Search, Roselia, Geodude, Miltank, Illumise and Bagon

Older holos - Feraligatr, Ledyba, Articuno, Vaporeon, Chansey, Machamp, Zapdos

Non holo rares - (Wow bad focus lol- all are DP) Shedinja, Magmortar, Lopunny, Bibarel, Wheezing, Mawile, Wobbufet, Infernape, Toxicroak x 2, Purugly x 2, Vileplume and Glaceon.

I also have tons of commons/uncommons so ask for what you are looking for! :D 

My wishlist is here

I will not want to trade with you if I do not trust you. :3

My email is for address sharing! :D

Thank you! :D

AH YES- I forgot, I have a Latias ex that I would trade for the Rocket's Snorlax ex. :D

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