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Pokemon ORAS Discussion - September Edition!

Hello everyone!

It's that time again, time for Coro Coro leaks! Please keep all ORAS discussion within this sticky topic as there are some who wish to remain spoiler free. Also please remember that although leaks are pokemon related, this news is not merchandise related, so please wait for a mod to post a discussion thread since non-merchandise posts are considered off-topic!

This post will remain on the top for today and whenever we get new information it will be stickied back up!

Images courtesy of Serebii
Previous Discussion Thread - August

From Bulbapedia:
The three new Mega Evolutions are Mega Sharpedo, Mega Camerupt, and Mega Gallade. Mega Camerupt is Fire/Ground, has Sheer Force, is 2.5 m (8'02") tall, weighs 320.5 kg (706.6 lbs.), and is used by Maxie. Mega Sharpedo is Water/Dark, has Strong Jaw, is 2.5 m (8'02") tall, weighs 130.3 kg (287.3 lbs.), and is used by Archie. Mega Gallade is used by Wally. This is the first time Wally's design in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire has been seen.

Primal Groudon has the new Ability 「おわりのだいち」 Land of Endings, which causes intense sunlight. Primal Kyogre has the new Ability 「はじまりのうみ」 Sea of Beginnings, which causes rain. The duration this weather lasts is not specified. Primal Groudon also has the new move 「だんがいのする」 Cliff Sword, although current images only show the name.

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