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Plush sales!

I've got some plush-weeding to do, including some old TOMY stuff, some pokedolls, and a 1:1 chikorita!  Click below the preview image for more.


  • All items come from a smoke-free, PET FRIENDLY HOME, and will be carefully cleaned of all possible shed fur before being shipped out.

  • Shipping is from New York, shipping prices adjusted according to weight and location.  I do ship internationally.

  • Sales permission given by denkimouse years ago.  Feedbacks are here and here.

  • The usual community rules on conduct apply.

  • Paypal will be the accepted payment method.  If you have any questions on this, please comment below.

  • I reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone due to inappropriate behavior.  Don't be a butt.


First we've got the 1:1 scale Chikorita plush!  This little one came from the NYC Pokemon Center, now known as Nintendo World, back in 2001.  She is very large and huggable, and looking for a good home.

This plush is in great condition for its age, but does have a few things to take note of: Her leaf is a little droopy, and she has some grid-shaped markings on her butt due to spending most of her life up against a (non-working) radiator.  These can probably be worked out with some care!

She is up for bidding at a thread marked below.  Offers start at $60.  Increments of $5 or more, please.  Bidding goes until Friday, Sept. 12th at 9PM EST.  Standard community rules apply, no sniping please.

Japanese Audino doll, all others are American.  Tags may be slightly bent, but all dolls are in excellent condition.
Audino pokedoll: $17
Shaymin Sky pokedoll: $17
Pikachu pokedoll: $16
Ho-Oh pokedoll: $18
Regigigas pokedoll: $17

Misc. Plush
Munchlax is loved and swing-tagless.  All other plush are in excellent shape.
Zorua Banpresto DX plush: $25 OBO
Helioptile Pokemon Center Plush (American): $17 OBO
Munna Pokemon Center Plush (American): $13 OBO
Munchlax Pokedoll: $10

TOMY Cleffa plush
This is a VERY old plush, also from the early 2000's.  She's in excellent condition, having spent most of her life on a shelf.  She is missing her swing tag, but has her tush tag.

TOMY Cleffa plush: $30 OBO

Quagsire Friends Plush
Very old and slightly loved, looking for a new place to make his derp face.

Quagsire plush: $15 OBO

Please leave a comment if you have any questions!  Try to avoid sending me a PM, as I don't check them very often.  Thanks for looking!
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