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So I ordered four plushies from them 3 days ago, and a package arrived today. Except... It only had one plushie, the Braixen. That was all that was on the packing slip as well, so I know they didn't forget to put them in there or something.
When I saw the package, I thought it had all four, since it was really big for the one plushie.

(The other three I ordered were pretty small.)
I'm just really confused why they decided to send my order in multiple packages, especially considering that they could've fit everything in the one box... Has anyone else had this happen to them?

So this post is less boring, more pictures of Braixen under the cut. ^_^

I'm pretty happy with the plush altogether. I wish they hadn't used that crappy fabric on her legs, but eh. She's really cute and she kinda stands up (her tail is used as a support.)

(also sorry I haven't posted for a while, this was the first thing I've ordered since March, hehe)
Tags: braixen, plush
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