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Multi-purpose post : Trades and Identification

Hi there fellow collectors! Today I come to you asking for a little help in identifying a sticker set from a friend's collection, as well as to offer up my first trades post! I finally hit 10 feedback! Woohoo~

They're pretty cute and Ash is there so they might be a show promotion? I'm not sure.


What I've got:

Figures. Nothing too impressive. Monpherno doesn't talk or light up anymore but he may just need a battery change.

Plush! Please ask about the condition if you're worried. I'm happy to take additional pictures. They're all in good shape but Mantyke has no tags and Squirtle has some light dirty spots. Also please consider that Palkia is HUGE. ♥
I ship from the US.

I can also offer custom artwork and plush as trade material. A gallery of examples can be found here:

What I'm after:
Jolteon goods
Gengar goods
Shroomish/Breeloom goods *top priority*
Klefki keychain
Sandshrew/Sandslash goods

I'll definitely consider other items but those are my current wants.

Thanks for looking! (:
Tags: custom, mantyke, palkia, squirtle, trading, wants
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