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TCG/Zukan figures rarity/price questions?

I have a rather embarrassing question. ^^;; Well, it's embarrassing because I don't normally collect these types of figures so I have no idea of their relative value/rarity/price!

Okay, awhile ago I bought a figure from a member on here (<3), one of my mini grails, the Lt. Surge TCG figure! I adore him!

Well, my MAJOR grail is the Groundbreakers TCG Koga figure. I know he shows up here once in a blue moon, is this....well is this even worth keeping on my list? I'm willing to pay what it takes to own him, but I don't know if anyone would be willing to part with him!

I'm also looking for Erika's TCG figure (thanks to some fanfiction I totally ship her and Koga *shrug* the things fans can make you feel! XD) and I was wondering at her rarity and relative price!

The last and final figure I'm on the hunt for is the Team Rocket Zukan figure set. I already know these guys are extremely rare, but I guess, are we talking Koga rare or just uncommon and expensive?

Thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to answer me! <333 I know I lurk an awful lot and don't post much but I've already made some awesome friends thanks to this community!
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