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Super Small Sales

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE

and without further ado, lets go to the rules:

~All Rules apply~
I will take commitment over quotes, so if someone is committed to an item then they get it.
If you feel an item is too much then we can negotiate a price; just let me know!
My shipping days are: Saturdays, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
I ship items in bubbler mailers or boxes.
-I ship from KY, US and use USPS; I am only shipping within the US.
(I am NOT responsible of damage or lost goods!)
I will ship through standard mail which is very cheap but comes with no tracking or insurance.
-If you want me to show you the receipt I will gladly do so, or if you want insurance and or tracking let me know.

-I will only accept paypal as payment; please send payments to:
-ONLY if you are 100% committed then I am willing to do holds.

-I live in a pet friendly household: With 2 dogs and 2 cats. These items are located in boxes that are located on top of a shrunk; so they shouldn't make contact with these plushies.
-I do live with smokers sadly, but they only smoke in the kitchen. They do NOT make contact with my plushies.

If you wish to see more pictures of what the item(s) look like I have them on my weebly page located here: I can offer any items located in my weebly page:
Items for sale

Now onto the small sales~

-(Osaka) Eevee Gotochi Earphone Jack Charm: Still in bag. $15 shipped.

-Play by Play Zubat: Great condition, has a damaged hang tag while the tush tag a piece has been cut. $16 shipped.
-Advanced Generation Eevee plush: Good condition, has scratching on the eyes, tush tag. $72 shipped.

-Bootlegged Eevee pokedoll: Good condition, head is a little weird on the left bottom part. $4.50 shipped. SOLD
-1999 Banpresto UFO Eevee 9" plush: No tags. Good condition; little scratching on the eyes. $14 shipped
-9" Eevee play by play plush: Tush tag. Great condition; a little scratching on the white (R) part of the eye; has tush tags. $15 shipped

Buy both for $20 shipped.

Click the image to be transported to my weebly page, if anyone wants to check it out?
I added a few new items, but I will re-take all pictures of my collection sometime tomorrow. x3
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