Paula (agui_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated sales with tons of kids!

Hello community! I'm here with some new sales, some eeveelutions plushies, an articuno stamper and a bunch of new kids. You can click HERE or on the picture to see the sales post :)


A now some gets I got these days with some grails :)

Ninetales and the other bunch of kids came from lots *^* Ninetales is the second version clear kid, the first clear I have from him so I'm still missing the others. Fennekin TFG and Vulpix amada came from hebilea <3 The new grabbys and Poliwarth came from a trade with lady_supergirl THEY ARE SO AMAZING *^* And the Ninetales and Growlithe stamper and the flats are from yahoo

*fangirling* An AWESOME package from salamence646 I can't believe I won a Poochyena retsuden stamper and the Quilava stamp :_____ I'm so amazed with them... Quilava is one of my favorite Pokemon but he has very few merch and kinda rare but I'm still searching more of him! I love to see him without the fire <3
Tags: gets, sales
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