vande_bot (vande_bot) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My Pokemon Collection + Advice

So the time has come for me post post some of my Pokemon collection. I really like the electric types (mostly the Pika line) and Eeveelutions. I have been thinking of eventually selling my non electrics/non pika/eevee stuff at some point in order to fund more Pika stuff. (This is by no means to drum interest, this is what i'm proposing and would like people's thoughts as I keep umming and ahhing.) *also sidenote, waves hi to the people she knows*

The newest thing that will be coming to my collection will be the running Pikachu from the Pokemon Centre online store (thanks pikachux) It's at times like this I wish I didn't live in the UK!

I also have a selection of Pokemon games and phone charms that are not pictured. I buy most of my plush at Comic Cons in the UK. I know some are fakes (which is a little annoying) but that's the risk I guess >_>

Anyhow I shouldn't waffle on too much more. I do hope to eventually get sales permission at some point *the easy part of that is I have good feedback on a certain Digimon forum and Ebay!* I have posted here in the past - it has been a while mind you.

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