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New gets + collection update and questions about Gengar and Lugia pokedolls

Hello everyone ^-^ It's been a long time since my last post, and finally my new room is complete! I really really love it now and I hope you'll like it, even though I still need to display my Pokedoll collection better >.<

I have decided that I'm gonna sell a huge part of my Eeveelution collection and focus more on my Pokedoll collection, but I still need to plan the details (.. and trying to decide if I should sell it as a big lot on eBay or if I should try to sell each item here individually.. decisions! If anyone had to take this decision before I'd love to hear your opinion on this, thank you @.@).

But, on the bright side I really love my Eeveelutions shelf now and this is how I decided to display the items I kept (under the cut! Very image heavy)


I kept my absolute favorite plushies: the canvas set and the 2012 Eevee Collection set (plus PC Sylveon)
On the lower shelf there are the Mini Pokedoll set, the promo cards from the Sylveon TCG collection, the ichiban kuji Eeveelution Pokedoll figures, Eevee & Friends figure set and various zukans: Eeveelutions, Glaceon/Leafeon, Umbreon/Espeon

I still need to figure out what to display on the empy shelf D:

Bad close up of the lower shelf.

I also kept my beloved clearfiles and I bought a beatiful holder to store them safely.




I'm so in love right now :'D

Then I took a few pictures of my side collections (Vulpix/Ninetales and Serperior), I am satisfied with them even though I suspect I'm gonna need a new shelf for the fire foxes.. :/


I still need to figure out how to display my stickers because I don't really feel like sticking them on the furniture, they'll get ruined..

Please excuse my terrible repaint of the Tomy Ninetales, atleast I had fun while painting it :D

My snakes' lair in all its shady glory.

Lastly, here's a picture of my under costruction Pokedoll collection and one of the guardians that tower over my desk:

Here's my main collection! It's not actually this big, I just aligned the plushies on the front of each square to make it look prettier. I plan on having 3 rows of plushies per square, I can't wait to see it filled up :) Oh the joy of collecting
Also, I've noticed most people really care about hang tags, but I feel like I prefer Pokedolls to be tush-tag only.. I feel like hang tags are always in the way and I'd be constantly scared of ruining them. I also quite enjoy taking care of loved plushies, washing them or brushing them, it makes me feel like they're really mine now. I guess I'm weird like that :P

Picture of the plushes that don't fit anywhere else :D (Link decided he wanted to be a pokemon trainer last year, I think he's really improved since then and now can even catch Fennekins thrice his size, you go Link! On his free time you can see him riding on his friend Epon.. Flareon. I mean Flareon.

Bonus picture: Oh my God this is amazing I swear, if you're on the fence about buying one definitely do because it's awesome. I got the S size since I'm pretty short (5'1) and it doesn't look that bad on me but I wouldn't recommend it if you're much taller than that, because the straps are not really long.

And now my questions about Pokedolls.. Is it normal for a Lugia minky Pokedoll to be kind of.. light bluish? It's not really noticeable and it looks much whiter in pictures, I was just wondering if it might be a bootleg.
And second question: I have two Gengar Pokedolls, both tush tag only, but they look rather different from each other and I was wondering if this is normal or if one's a bootleg. Pictures under the cut again.

Side comparison
20140911_175339 20140911_175347
20140911_175252 20140911_175300

The tag of the left one looks faded but its face looks better. Help me please!

Whew, that was long! Sorry for the very image heavy post but I hope you enjoyed it!
Tags: collection update, eeveelutions, gengar, ninetales, plush, pokedolls, serperior, vulpix
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