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The UK catches up! - Pokemon report from the UK

Hey guys today I went out and had a browse in my local toyshop and I saw some new X and Y Tomy merchindise. I know our American members have had this for ages but we are s l o w to get new stuff.  Click the cut for our new merch

Ash and Pikachu

Pikachu and Yvaltal figures

New? Please these have been out for a while in TRU!

 Tomy four pack and Catch and return Garchomp ( also has lucario)  

Damn it Garchomp!

Battle ready Pikachu. He is actually quite large,

Kalos starter sets- also included Greninja.

Pikachu and noivern catch and carry. Sadly I ddn't get it as it is the same pose as my MC Noivern.

Kalos Poledex.

Also in other news I have three new baby dinos to add to my collection. They came from noppin and after quite a story with them, mostly about parcelforce being idiots and sending me them before I had a chance to pay the fees. Oh well I have them now.

Large tyrunt banpesto, This guy is HUGE. He must be like 10 inches or so but he is way bigger then most of my other plush. He isn't soft though.

The round headed chibi plush. He is a bit softer then the larger Tyrunt. He is really adorable.

the MPC. THUS MPC IS JUST BEAUTIFUL. I love him so much, He is minky so he is soft and well made!

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