Becky (cy4nide) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Possible group buy?

I saw these padlocks on Yahoo!Japan:

They're so cute and practical so thought I'd ask here if anyone was interested in doing a group buy on them. I don't have an account on there or anything so I think someone with an SMJ account would have to buy them and then of course, the people who want in would pay their share.

I think now they're at $4, I don't know if it says shipping anywhere on there (or what it would be through SMJ - if someone could tell me what it'd be that'd be great!) as I'm using an online translator to find out most of it XD

Anyway, if some people want to take part the only one I want is Bellossom so the rest are up for grabs!

Also, if this isn't allowed, I'm really sorry, just let me know and I'll delete it =]

shiny_vulpix has very kindly offered to help us out with this so a big thank you goes to her :D It ends in 6 days I believe so we'll know then if it's been won or not, cross your fingers guys :D

Bellossom: cy4nide
Hoothoot: rentorar
Pikachu: chibichimp
Snubbull: friskavk
Tags: bellossom, hoothoot, marill, pikachu, snubbull
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