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Sales reminder and a few questions

Good evening everyone.^^ Just wanted to let you know that I've lowered the prices on my sales(though I'm still open to small haggles) and thought I should let you know :)

click the banner to be transported. :)

Sooo what I wanted to ask, what version of the remakes is everyone getting? And are you getting the normal or steelbook edition? I for my part was lucky enough to get a pre-order on Amazon for the AlphaSapphire Steelbook Edition :) Also what's your favorite newly revealed Mega thus far? Besides that, anyone else excited to see how contests play out in the new versions? :o

Last but not least, I'm wondering if I should get a Pirouette Meloetta Pokedoll... If anyone has a MWT one for sale for good price, I might be interested. :)

Thanks for your attention and I wish you an awesome evening!
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