Misselaineous10 (miss10) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Graily Wants!

Hello peoples! I hope you all are doing well! ^^

I just come with some wants of the grail-variety. I do have some money to spend so lets see if I can find what I'm looking for.

I also have other items I want so here's my wishlist: http://miss10.livejournal.com/1856.html

The main top want I'm looking for is a Japanese Emerald cartridge with the Pokemon Festa 2005 Old Sea Map/Chart event still active. I want a chance to try and catch that event Mew shiny and then transfer it all the way to my Y game so I can love it forever and ever. =3

Example pic:

Willing to spend $50-70 on this.

Next want is a new want for me. An official Shiny Lucario Tomy Monster Collection figure!

I use an actual shiny Lucario that I bred myself named Gold Fighter in my Y game, and owning this figure for myself would be pretty awesome. ^__^
Willing to spend $60-$70 on this.

And the last graily want is a clear Farfetch'd figure. Two versions exist, so I want both versions. XD

Willing to spend $10+ on this.

And that's it! Thanks for viewing! =3
Tags: farfetch'd, figures, games, lucario, tomy, wanted, wants
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