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New gets (Hoenn, Pikas and more) + Framing

Everyone is excited by ORAS approach ? ^^

Before the gets I'd like to show you some new framings.

First, the Kanto Hanafuda cards (don't pay attention to the Dragonite/Gyarados misplaced card, I fixed it). They are so beautiful that I didn't want to keep them in their box.

Then my Black Dragons diptych . I finally bought a red background to frame my Charizard bag like I had done with Rayquaza a few months ago.

And now let's see my new gets o/

Pokémon Time and Pokémon Petit. I love them <3
I don't know what more to say except that Time plushies are bigger than what I expected :O
Here is a comparative picture to see the difference.
In fact size and fabric are similar to the 2012 set.

SuperPika from the 2014 Worlds Championships that I was able to own thanks to okgod
I was a little disappointed by the material used for the belt (especially for the buckle).
Otherwise he is very nice with his cape and "Staying Alive" pose lol And his face is quite original.

Pokémon the Movie XY kids (I have some up for sale).

Hoenn comes back ;) I'm just so happy having found these beauties. OMG that Poochyena <3 Salamence, Corphish and Skitty are my other little darlings. Besides, this latter has a real bell in his tail. I didn't expect it at all :O
In fact, the whole set is surprising: Pikachu has a bell inside, Wynaut head hump makes some noise when you press it, and Minun has a sort of tissue paper in its ears.
By the way, if someone could translate the paper tags for me I would be really grateful :3

I also received these three guys. Material is a bit weird and not really soft, but they are cute anyway ^^

These Pilot Pikachu are just Awesome !!! <3 The suit is really beautiful and above all they are amazingly soft (maybe ones of the softest plushies I own). Even the clothes fabric is soft *o* The left one comes from Chitose Airport while the right one is that of Kansai.
The Ichiban Kuji Pikachu prize is cute but I expected it to be much more bigger. Yet, it suits me in a way as it will take less space lol
And finally a Miltank glass. I don't think I'll use it and I don't know yet where I'll put it, but the artwork is so beautiful that I succumbed :3

Let's end with this cute Glaceon Canvas :3

Take a look at my collection website for more pictures:

I also have a Fb collection page (don't hesitate to like it and comment ^^):

And don't forget to check my sales o/
(lots of dicounts)
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