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Mirage Plush from Around the World Gets & Sales

How is it almost fall already!? XD
So after some intense searching and help from some awesome community members, I have some exciting new Mirage plush and a Mystery Plush too!
Some of these Mirages will be added to my collection, some will be going to homes within the community and a few will be up for grabs!

Its heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! :3
2014-09-13 10.43.22

I see some new pokemans...
2014-09-13 10.43.59

2014-09-13 10.47.36

This happy Raichu is going to denkimouse
2014-09-13 10.44.25

This adorable Bulbasaur is going to firevie
2014-09-13 10.46.40

This Azumarill is up for sale down below.

This derpasaurus Meowth is staying for now, not really sure how I feel about it.
2014-09-13 16.11.32

Its Golduck!
2014-09-13 16.10.02

He looks better from behind lol.
2014-09-13 16.10.11

I do like the detail of his head jewel.
2014-09-13 16.10.20

He's just got a big beak .V.
2014-09-13 16.10.29

Then there is Hypno, I really like this one.
2014-09-13 16.11.18

Booty shot.
2014-09-13 16.11.25

The finally complete Psyduck line!
2014-09-13 16.05.38

The finally complete Drowzee line!
2014-09-13 16.39.17

I won polahbear's auction for the really rare Wobbuffet Pokedoll keychain!
I am only missing 3 now! :D
2014-09-13 16.48.04

So thanks to a tip from polahbear I was able to find this mysterious Chimchar plush.
The cape and purple ears/tail would suggest that it is Halloween themed, but what is it?
Could it be a never before seen pokedoll series?
2014-09-13 16.13.36

As you can see, compared to the Christmas Pokedoll and regular pokedoll, the pattern is similar but not identical. The color is also much richer.
2014-09-13 16.14.02

The tail is a lot bigger.
2014-09-13 16.14.21

Evidence of where the tush tag used to be would suggest it was a stiff white paper. It seems like more of a banpresto tag than a pokemon center tag :(
2014-09-13 16.14.38

The size comparison next to the oversized tall is close, but again not a real match.
Purple highlights, not withstanding ^.^
2014-09-13 16.19.05

Again, close but no Pokedoll.
2014-09-13 16.19.15

So my unofficial verdict is that it is likely not a Pokedoll, but it is pretty cool.

I updated my collection page with my mirages. If anyone wants to exchange links, just ask!
Just have to sit tight until the new Pumpkaboos and Mega Gengars arrive :)

Still looking for a "down" pattern noctowl, please let me know if you see one! :)

And now for the auction!

International shipping is available, just be mindful it may cost more.
Granted sales permission on 5/31/12 by entirelycliched
Feedback can be found here
Bid price does not include shipping and PP fees.

-I ship from PA in the United States, and ship Worldwide. (I ship either 1st class or priority mail in bubble mailers or boxes (depending upon size of item).
-Item will typically ship within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment.
-I accept Paypal only.
-Payment expected within 48 hours of confirmation of purchase, unless we have made an arrangement.
Any questions, please feel free to ask! :-)
-Please follow all community guidelines.
-No Sniping.
-Offers end Friday Sept 19th at 5PM EST COUNTDOWN

Azumarill Mirage Plush Front
2014-09-13 16.11.51

Azumarill Mirage Plush Back
2014-09-13 16.12.01

Tags: auction, azumarill, bulbasaur, chimchar, drowzee, golduck, hypno, meowth, pokedoll, psyduck, raichu, wobbuffet
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