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Small Want: Lucario Bottlecap Figure!

Hey everybody! ^_^ I'm just curious, does anyone have a Lucario bottlecap figure they'd be willing to sell for around $5+shipping to the US? Errr....or okay now I'm confused because that's what I paid for mine but I'm seeing like $50 shipped? Has he gone up or is that Ebay being ridiculous again? I'm in the middle of repainting mine as a shiny and my cat carried off the base somewhere. T^T So now I literally have a bottle cap and half a painted shiny Lucario and that does not make a good custom!

So, if anyone has one, or could explain to me the price situation of this little guy so I can re-evaluate here, I would be appreciative! :)

EDIT: I'm doing a repaint, so if your figure has paint issues it's no big deal, everything is getting repainted from the moon to the grass. :) Just putting that out there for those who may have gotten one with crappy paint apps and be unhappy with their figure (mine came that way OTL).
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