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Small Sales

Ahoy there! I have some small sales going under the cut.

I need these things out so don't be shy if you want something but are short a couple of dollars, please inquire me with your country for international shipping!

I was granted sales permission April 2014 by Allinia.
I ship from CA, USA and will be willing to ship internationally.
Here is my feedback! : http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kurukimi
I am not responsible for any missing or damaged packages, all packages shipped domestically will have tracking!
I accept haggling.
Please state if you're committed or not, prices already include shipping but not paypal fees for domestic shipping.

photo 1
Giant Gizamimi Pichu - $16 shipped TTO
Umbreon 2007 USA Velboa Pokedoll (With S sticker for authenticity) - $17 Shipped MWT
BOOTLEG Shadow Lugia Pokedoll - $4 Shipped no tag

photo 2
Pichu/Pikachu Christmas Plate - $6 Shipped
Walky Eevee Glasses Case never used but does not come with any packaging -- still has all its charms! - $24 Shipped

photo 3
All t-shirts here are $5 shipped. Unova starters one is Mens XL, pikachu is womens L, Snivy Promo is childrens L. Buy all 3 shirts for $10 shipped!

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