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Candy figures number 2 and a mistery package?!

As I came from school I had to go to our local supermarket to buy some stuff for our little sick sister.
I was ready to pay and already standing in line when I saw them: DP Candy figures! A whole box of  'em!
You can imagine what I did next! Let's just say that, when I came back in line I had 3 different candy figures in my hands ^^

 There were four different pokemon figures, chimchar, pikachu, piplup and turtwig. Didn't take chimchar 'couse I don't really like him that much but the rest were of course taken with greedy hands XD
The pikachu figure was for the shared collection!

They're pretty big and nicely made! I love the way pikachus ears look a bit like a rabbits XD
The candy is good too! *nam nam*
And when I came home....huh, what is this? A mistery package for me?!

Wounder what it could be....Let's find out!

A flat package?!

"Hm!? A Luxray card!? Could it be---"

It's Volkners ID card and his cute Luxray..oh yeah, and his badge XD
I was sowaiting for this! I almost cried of happyness when I saw it! TT0TT
This will be displayed proudly in my room with my Electys and Squirtles! *jumpy*

Hm...I'm not shure if this is allowed, so, if it isn't, ignore it.
But, if someone would want the candy figures I could go get some more, they're around 2 euros a piece if I renember rightly...

*goes to display her new merch*
Hopefully we'll be getting more and more merch here from now on! ^^

That's it for now XD

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