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used revive!

I've been very dormant for a while. Finally I had time to make a post! I really would've done this sooner but I had not much to say~

Why I'm posting is just to mention a few things -- firstly that my laptop (which I use for image uploading since this desktop is Linux and won't allow such activities) has started being weird lately, and so it's not detecting the USB cord for my camera or allowing any access to the internet for reasons unknown. I've got mound of Legends Awakened rares to sell and the only way for me to upload the photos is if my sister lets me use her computer, but she won't because... well, she's just mean like that... and so I was wondering, is it okay for me to get the images of cards from another site and use them to show which ones I have to sell? It's a big 40+ mess of them and I don't want to get them all saved and then have to delete the post, so I figured it'd be safer to ask.
Thanks for your help guys!
( here are the Legends Awakened cards! )

The second thing is that, like others, I've found collecting Skymin to be a bit difficult with all the expensive new merch and the fact that it's quite a popular Pokemon -- so I'm also gonna be selling off a few of the things I don't see as "special" to me as some of the others. Again, I'll have to find some way to fix my camera issue before I can get images posted, but this is just a heads up. I'm more focused on getting my hands on some of the general larger-scale plush, and looking for some pillows / accessories featuring cute Pokemon. As for Pachirisu, he's still my favourite and I'll continue to collect him as much as I can~ and maybe, maybe pick up some cute Skymins along the way. Maybe.

The last thing I wanna say is that rentorar, I've shipped out the Monferno~ and thanks for being so patient. Also, Kids make great game pieces for playing the ever popular Chutes & Ladders :D

you all = have good week!
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