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Group Auction?

Pokedoll alert!

All I want is Umbreon <333 The rest are up for grabs!

Right now the auction is quite low, hopefully it won't go unreasonably high but I have seen this comm do awesome stuff before :3

Comment with the highest you'd be willing to pay for any plush (keeping shipping for your plush in mind, $5 for one plush from me to the US, $7 to the UK), so I can determine our max bid. I'll be pitching up to $30 for Umbreon, and I'll pick up the extra cash for whatever is not sold at the end.

Edit: Paypal only! Payment is due as soon as possible after the auction is over.

If someone else is willing to pay more than you, they get dibs. ^^; Sorry!

Highest Offers:

Umbreon - Claimed! ($30, me)
Latias Pokedoll - $25, zachary_sparkle
Groudon Pokedoll - $15, kiohl
Ho-oh Pokedoll - $14, ktmonkeyj
Swampert Pokedoll - $35, resilientspider
Tentacool - $15, zachary_sparkle
Oddish - $15, chrissii
Turtwig - $5, zachary_sparkle

Unfortunately I can't guarantee the condition of any of them, but the picture looks alright :)

Ends on October 12, 8:43 EDT
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