vande_bot (vande_bot) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pikachu Pokémon Folio Kit - Only At GAME

So browsing through GAME a few moments go. Imagine my suprise on finding a new Pokémon Folio Kit. Better yet it's a Pikachu themed case. It's due out in October but is £19.99 in the UK - which makes me cringe as I have 2 Pokemon cases and a Legend of Zelda case already. But as it's Pikachu related, it's likely gonna get bought. As it's GAME exclusive, not sure if any USA shop will carry it. Hope they do for you USA fans.

Edit: GAME ship to the USA thanks to loveespeon for finding that for you USA people who want one!

You can find it here for what else you get with it.

Tags: pikachu
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