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Charizard collection update, continuing wants/trades

I've expanded the Charizard page on my Weebly a bit with most of the other Charizard plush I've got atm~ Thank you slowpoketales for the trade with more of these zards and dragons! :D

Charrrr (+ some other friends hehe)

I'm also expanding my side collections eventually too, especially the legendaries, although I'm not sure which one I'll be starting with first. XD; I'm just gonna take a swig and assume the Kyogre/Groudon/Rayquaza weather trio because of ORAS hype and the upcoming Pokemon Center plush... hehe we'll see. I've somehow ended up with a ton of Entei stuff lately too. xD

I finally started clipping off the hang tags off my personal collection plush so that I can store the tags and play with the plush without risk of bending those tags... I also bought replacement plastic loops to re-attach them if necessary. I've pretty much only clipped most of my Pokemon Center plush and Pokedolls because of those huge, thin paper tags that are at higher risk of getting bent up. I definitely won't be bothering with most of the Banpresto tags since the cardboard stock holds up really well. It's honestly a bit of a liberating feeling taking the tags off the PC plush though... They're all so soft and I've been wanting to cuddle them without being paranoid that I'll accidentally bend the big pretty tags. Haven't cut the ones on my Mega zards yet either, but... I think they'll be up soon? XD

Last but not least, I shifted around some things on my Wants list and have a ton of things for trade, any help appreciated! >w< ~
Tags: charizard, collection update, gets, plush, trading, wanted, wants
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