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Recent Gets + Pokedoll/Plushplush Question

Helloooo everyone! <3 I just wanted to post a few of my gets, with one of those gets leading into a question I have for the community concerning plushplush. If you enjoy pokedolls, then you'll enjoy this post. XD

Here are a bunch of gets recently, with most of them being from the comm, with the exception of Snorlax which was from Ebay (don't worry, he's legit :D). If anyone has an oversized Kyogre pokedoll, I would be interested as well since I now have Rayquaza and Groudon. <3

Next order of business: this plate.

First, let's do some detail shots of this amazing plate.

(Raichu cake omg ;.; )

(Smoochum pokedoll?)

So, the reason I ask about this plate is for what's on the back of it-

As you can see, it is a Christmas plate with Plushplush artwork on the back. However, the copyright confuses me. This plate is 2000, but I thought that plushplush were released in 2001. Did the artwork come out before the plushplush, or is this just dated earlier than it was actually released? Were there instances of plushplush releasing in 2000? I am rather confused, and I'm hoping somebody on the comm may be able to answer my question!

This plate is also super tiny. Here are my pika pair keychain plush just barely fitting on it (these also arrived in the mail today):

And last but not least, a good 'ol sales plug.

Thank you everyone who read this quick post. I will hopefully have a post that's more fun and meaningful in the near future. :)
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