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Hello Hello! An Introductory Post!

Hey! My name is Helipop, and I'm new to the community! I've been lurking this place for about half a year, and I finally had the guts to join. I'm definitely excited about the prospect of talking to people who love Pokemon like me!

My boyfriend, brother and I are all huge Pokemon fans, and right now we are currently digging the Pokemon TCG. I just learned how to play and I developed a deck that I think is pretty good. I live in the USA, and I have a LOT of favorite Pokemon. I can never say what's my favorite, because I like new ones all the time! But right now, I really like Giratina, Shaymin (even though I really didn't think I would), the Pikachu line, the Totodile line, the Mudkip line, and Eeveelutions (especially Jolteon, Glaceon, and Leafeon). Though there isn't really a Pokemon I hate, so there you go.

Right now I am interested in collecting Pichu, though I currently have more Pikachu than anything. ^^; I have a question about surfing Yahoo! Japan, because I know what kind of Pokemon I want to look for, I just don't know exactly how to word it... Can you just enter the English name of the Pokemon, or do I have to search for something specifically? I'll try and explain this more clearly if you try and catch my drift.

Hopefully I'll get my collection up ASAP! It's small, but I plan on expanding! Thanks for reading!

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