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Take it, take it aaaallllll!

There are prices listed on these, but I will take all offers on absolutely EVERYTHING. I really want to get this stuff outta here so I'll be easy to barter with here. If you have your eye on something, let me know what you'd like to pay for it and we'll try to work something out!

* All payments must be made with Paypal. Let me know if you're using an eCheck. I prefer not to take them but I might under some circumstances.
* I hold for twenty-four hours. I may allow longer holding periods if I've done business with you before and had a pleasant experience.
* International purchases are fine, but let me know if you're not in the US! Shipping is a few dollars more for international.
* I DO ACCEPT BARTERING. Make an offer on anything if it catches your eye and you don't like the price! I'm generally willing to accept offers on things or haggle until we're both happy.
* I do sometimes accept trades, but most of the things I want are rather rare. I'm currently looking for the 1/1 scale Totodile, 17" Japanese Eevee plush, Vaporeon Pokédoll, and Umbreon keychain. If you have a lot of Japanese plush I may be able to find something I want but I'm not all that interested in American stuff right now unless it's large or quite rare. I have a lot of different Pokémon I collect, so let me know if you've got a bunch of stuff and I can give you a list. :3
* Please allow up to a week for shipping. I have a very busy life and I try to do things as quickly as I can, but sometimes things get in the way of me sending things out on time. Please try to be understanding.

10" Charmander plush. A tiny bit loved, a little funny-looking, but very soft and cuddly! Let me know if you want a better picture. -- $5.50
10" Blaziken plush. His fur is loved. -- $5.50

Chikorita Hasbro beanie x1. Excellent condition! -- $4 each
Treecko Hasbro beanie x1. Excellent condition! -- $4 each

Corphish Hasbro beanie. Excellent condition! -- $4.50
Charizard Hasbro beanie. Excellent condition! -- $4
Torchic Hasbro beanie. A tiiiny bit loved, but just hardly. -- $4

Skymin Blue Pouch -- $4.50
Landmin Pouch -- $4.50
Skymin Only Pouch -- $4.50

Buy all three for $11!

Jolteon Friends Plush. A tiny bit loved, but overall in very good condition. -- $12
Mew Friends Plush. Definitely loved, but very old and rare! -- $4
Oddish Friends Plush. Like new! -- $6
Ivysaur Friends Plush. Excellent condition! -- $4

Bulbasaur Friends Plush. Has some odd marks around his face that look almost like extra spots. -- $2.50
Vileplume Friends Plush. Like new! -- $8
Chansey Friends Plush. A little loved, but not badly. -- $3.50.
Gengar Friends Plush. Just the tiniest bit loved, overall in great condition. -- $8
Jigglypuff Friends Plush. Definitely loved. -- $1.50 or free with any order!

Sunkern/Sunflora (brand new) -- $3
Gligar/Gliscor x1 (brand new) -- $4 each
Buneary/Lopunny (mint) -- $7
Swablu/Altaria (Altaria's peg is broken in the base. Otherwise excellent condition.) -- $3
Exeggcute/Exeggutor (brand new) -- $3
Budew/Roselia/Roserade (mint) -- $4
Meditite/MEDICHAM!!!!!!!! (mint) -- $4
Rhyhorn/Rhydon (mint) -- $4
Swinub/Piloswine (brand new) -- $5
Nosepass/Sableye/Chimecho/Mawile -- $10


Kids, new in bags. $1.50 each. Available: Torterra, Crawdaunt, Skymin, Landmin, Manaphy, Blaziken, and Happiny.

Battle Museum figures. New in bags! -- $1.50 each
Available: Pineco, Graveler, Smeargle, Slowking (clear), Bellsprout, Chansey, Slowpoke (clear), Hoppip, Hitmontop, and Blissey.

Pencil toppers. New in bags! I also have Moltres somewhere, but I can't find it. ;__; Let me know if you're interested in it and I can PM you if I find it. ^^;
Available: Slaking ($1), Vigoroth ($1), Claydol ($1.50), Articuno ($3), Zapdos ($3), Deoxys ($2), Flygon ($4).
Azelf Chou Getto -- $4
Swellow Kaiyodo Figure -- $8 (Beautiful!)

Slowpoke Bound Ball. Has a few small marks on it, but it's really cute and you could probably get the marks off! -- $3
Clefairy lollipop holder. -- $2
Raichu TOMY Figure. Has a mark on the back of its head. -- $1


Cute mini Pokéballs! $0.50 each. (Six reserved for scarsofsunlight!):3

That's all for now! Let me know if you have any questions or want additional photos.
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