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Little Tales!

Another installment of Little Tales! :D

(click images for a bigger pic!)

Pikachu pair plush
Pikachu pair mascots
Figure strap
Customizable calendar (not sure how to describe this... no matter what year it is, you can still use it as a calendar)
Clearfile set
Vinyl case
Letter pad
3-piece Frixion pen set (Frixion is a type of pen manufactured by Pilot in Japan)
Masking tape (2 types: Shooting Star, and Take Your Hand)
Stickyle scissors (some sort of stationary thing in Japan:
Memo stamp
Flipcase for iPhone 5/5s
3-piece container set
Cutlery set
Stainless tumbler
Lunch cloth
Insulated lunch bag
Mini glass set
Tea cup
Tea pitcher
Mini cup
Hand towel
Face towel
Hair towel
Mini drawstring bag
Drawstring bag
Tote bag (made in a specific style by a company called Rootote in Japan.)
Collapsible tote bag (made in a specific style by a company called Rootote in Japan.)
Shell pouch
Key and coin case
Pass case
Card case
T-shirt (M/L)
Short socks (23-25 cm)
Room shoes (slippers?)
Schedule book for 2015

Items are available at Sunyshore! :D
(We cannot combine these with any orders, because they are a little under a month away! Apologies for any inconvenience.)
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