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In which I sell TCG and TCG accessories.

Hi all! I've got a bunch of cards and other TCG accessories (Worlds mats/boxes, other playmats, Japanese boxes and sleeves) for sale today. Be careful, this post is very image-heavy; I've shrunk them but they'll still take a while to load on slow Internet. Here's a teaser with bonus cat-tail-photobomb:


  • I ship from Arizona, USA; I will happily ship internationally but will have to price it out for you since I don't know the new pricing schemes.

  • Sales permission granted on September 25, 2011 by dakajojo. Feedback here.

  • Shipping for cards in the US is a flat $2.00 in a bubble mailer with delivery confirmation. (This covers shipping cost, the cost of the mailer, and the cost of the label printing.) If you want a plain envelope I can do that for $.50, and I've never had any problems, but I'm not responsible if the post office eats it or mangles it or replaces your card with a kiwi.

  • If I've priced something what you think is too high, feel free to ask for a lower price, though I may say no.

  • If I've priced something what you think is too low, I recommend you buy it. ;) Although if I made some terrible mistake, please do let me know!

  • I will consider trades; I'm not looking for too much at the moment other than full arts from the newest set.

  • The binder is kind of scuffed up but all of these cards are in clean sleeves inside the binder; if there's something wrong with a card I will let you know. I'll also doublecheck if asked and can take pictures of individual valuable cards. Most of these cards have been played in sleeves lightly if at all; some of the older ones are a bit iffier and are marked as such.

  • I have cats. If you are very allergic, you could conceivably have an issue --- I can use a previously sealed sleeve/toploader to ship for you if you think that would help.

  • I'm going out of town next Tuesday. I'll ship everything purchased before then by then, and leave a note on this for the week I'm gone. I'm still happy to sell things during that time, but I'm not going to bring them all with me to ship. :)


Computer Search: $16
Dowsing Machine: $14
Rare Candy Sandstorm Rev (played a little more than NM, still very good): $7.50
Energy Switch AQ Rev: $25
Rainbow Energy 1st Ed Team Rocket Holo: $5
Rainbow Energy E-Reader Holo: $10

Juniper FA: $26
Colress FA: $17
N FA: $30
Zoroark Shiny: $15
Exeggcute Shiny: $10
Energy Retrieval LC Rev: $7
Rainbow HGSS Rev: $3.50

Gold Reshiram and Zekrom: $17 each
Landorus EX FA: $44
Not pictured: Mewtwo EX FA: $48
Celebi EX FA: $11
Jirachi EX FA: $17
Emolga EX FA: $7
Venusaur EX FA: $13
Heatran EX FA: $9

M Charizard EX Fire Gold: $30
M Charizard EX Dragon Gold: $33
M Venusaur EX: $17
Darkrai LTR: $6
Darkrai Promo: $5
Yveltal XY: $8
Yveltal Promo: $6
Skarmory EX: $4 (one gone)

Celebi EX: $8
Kyurem Plasma: $5
Jirachi EX: $9
Kyurem DRV: $11
Venusaur EX: $6
Heatran EX: $7
Kyurem EX: $6

Spritzee rev: $.50
Aromatisse rev: $3
Palkia EX: $6.50

Rayquaza/Deoxys Legend Sets: $21
Rocket's Articuno ex: $18
Kyogre ex: $4
Metagross ex: $5

Salamence lvX: $7
Garchomp C lvX set: $4
Dialga G Lv.X: $3
Leafeon Lv.X Japanese 1st Edition: $18
Shining Steelix (French): $15
Shining Gyarados: $15
Charizard Expedition Rev: $12
Kyogre EX non-holo: $2
VS Falkner's Skarmory (1st ed, one small scratch on image visible in the right light): $8

Zekrom FA: $5.50
Ho-Oh EX: $8.50
Mew EX: $9.50
Infernape Lv. X promo: $6
Giratina Lv. X promo: $6
Moltres SR: $3
Darkrai/Cresselia top: $5.50

FA Thundurus: $2.50
FA Tornadus: $2.50
Shinies and Celebi EX all have fairly significant wear but display well, make me offers (Celebi and Ponyta gone)

(If you're interested in reverse holo trainers or other staple cards, please ask. I may have them and would be happy to sell them to you.)

Worlds 2014 mat (I have 3): $70
Worlds 2014 Notebook: $22
Worlds 2012 Deckbox: $28
Worlds 2013 Deckbox: $28
Worlds 2014 Deckbox: $33

Worlds 2013 Mat: $50
Worlds 2013 Dice Bag: $20 (HOLD)

Scrafty Playmat: $15

Pokeball Mat: $30

Ho-Oh Lugia Mats (used): $25

Deckboxes: $9 except for Fukuoka Deckbox: $15
Mega Lizardon, Xerneas/Yveltal, Mega Lucario sleeves: $15/64
Fairy Type, Dark Pokemon (Cofagrigus) sleeves, Waruvial: $20/set (65 for Cofagrigus, 64 for Waruvial, I think 62 for Fairy Type but haven't opened it)
Elesa, Dragon Selection Sleeves: $24/set
Fukuoka sleeves: $33/set of 64
Vanilluxe Sleeves: $35/set
Thank you for your interest!
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