keph (kephisos) wrote in pkmncollectors,

sales reminder!

Just a quick reminder for my sales! Lots still left and if you can pay tonight I am shipping tomorrow morning :)

( Sales! )

Also no-one has pan stickers? :( Noivern, Noibat or Litleo pan stickers? I would love to buy some (or rather lots!)
Tags: arceus, audino, buizel, celebi, cobalion, croagunk, emolga, flareon, groudon, growlithe, jolteon, keldeo, litleo, lucario, maractus, mienfoo, mienshao, mudkip, noibat, noivern, oshawott, palkia, pikachu, shaymin, snivy, stunfisk, tepig, terrakion, vaporeon, victini, virizion
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