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An intro post! Omg

Hello all! I'm Citrus_Vision, but you can just call me Citrus for short. ;) I am 21 and a college student, but I loves my pokemon. <3

I actually just found this place recently searching for pokemon plushies on google, and I'm glad I did! :D

I've been interested in pokemon since I was 11. I played the games, collected the cards and even a few figures. I've lost some of my things over the years, But I hope to expand my collection! I'm not into buying the cards anymore, but I am looking for plushies and figures! Which looks like I am in the right place for! X3

My favorite pokemon is RAICHU. I've loved Raichu ever since I first saw the little guy on tv. So I'll be on the lookout for Raichu things. I am also a fan of Furret, Azumarill and Flygon. ATM I am on a hunt for a Flygon plush. I just recently lost an auction on ebay for it. But I am still looking out! Erm, but anyway I hope to meet some new and awesome people here! Hopefully you guys will put up with me. ;)
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