Hey (chronidu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A couple questions and help with a Grail

Okay so while browsing Y!japan today I noticed one of my older 'gave up hope' grails appeared, and at a very reasonable price. Now I have a Crecent account, and according to everything it should be around $11 not including processing/shipping. My question is, what should I expect processing shipping-wise?

He has a bit over 6 hours left and no bids, here is the link


And I know people don't normally do this for one reason or another, but if someone else has a crecent account they'd be willing to use to bid on this, who actually knows how to do this whole thing, I'd be eternally greatful and able to re-pay immediately with paypal, and maybe even offer a little pokemon drawing as thanks for the trouble D:

I'm willing to go up to $35 for everything for this plush, so if anyone could help me I'd greatly appreciate it. And if your unsure about me paying please look at my feedback either here or on Ebay ^^; I won't leave you hanging 8D;

I'm just afraid to do it myself because I'm sure I'll manage to screw something up...

Any guidance/help is appreciated, thanks~
Tags: venusaur
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