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I am Red. I shuffled on over here a couple of weeks back and have been enjoying everything this community has to offer. I guess I had been starving for a long time on the Pokemon front, and had been surviving for many years on cards and sparse trips to Toys R Us. I live just north of London in the UK, officially, but have just relocated to somewhere just west of London (can't separate me from my city). My first memories of Pokemon were buying the cards and trying to fit in at school when the craze was booming, receiving a random Magikarp card (he has since remained one of my favourite Pokemon), and getting Pokemon Blue from a family friend after I had my appendix out sometime late 1998/early 99. Unfortunately, my younger brother domineered my game, but, it did initiate a love for another favourite Pokemon: Charizard.

I was very pleased to find sometime in 2004 that kids were still trading the cards in the school playground, and just this last weekend there was a kid in town being very excited about owning the second movie (£4 at Woolworths, I should have gotten a copy, only have it on VHS). I was less interested post-RSE in expanding my collection, but Diamond and Pearl reawakened my need to collect and now here I am.

Most of my collection consists of Pokedolls (I scored eleven from one person last Christmas), and isn't very focused, but I've already received loads from the community, and there's more to come, so in future I can post a more organised collection update in my new residence.

Here you can see my small collection of Char-evolution figures and plush, Cross-eyed 'Zard is hiding behind the almighty Dialga, and also featured is my accidental collection of Hoenn starters. I'm not sure why I have these, as Hoenn starters are probably my least favourite starters, but they seemed to have sucked me in! Suction cup Charmander has to be the cutest piece of merchandise I've ever seen, thank you rinkatink.

Mudkip, I believe, was the first Pokemon plush I ever bought, either that or Charmander that I found in an Oxfam. The assortment of various figures & chou get came from many years trawling toy shops for any scrap of Pokemon merchandise. When I moved, I only took my favourite ones (mainly the plush).

Hiding between the Eeveelutions is ebola and mono - giant microbes, and BK Gyarados. :)

That's Greyson the Metagross sitting on top of Hellboy, he thinks he's the master of the collection, and for the most part, just sat there all day long looking disgruntled with everything - even when I brought him sweet fruit and sandwiches. Having Megatron there certainly didn't help, but he's still constantly displeased now he only has the other plush for company in my new room. All the others are always happy, especially Pachirisu, that thing is adorable. I don't like electric rodents, but I find myself falling for Pachirisu. Also featured: Hellboy, the tenth Doctor, Zelda figures & dead duck at the end there in front of a marble-shooting Pokeball.

These arrived a week or so ago, from seouldew, Electivire looks like he wants to shake yer hand. Ho-oh is awesome, he looks like an evil genius - especially when you touch his wings together a la Mr Burns. I tried to capture it on camera but it didn't look quite as evil as he does in person, in fact he looks like he's trying to pull the innocence card. Sneak.


As I am now at University but not too far from home, I went back last weekend to find maaaaaanny packages awaiting me. The MOTHERLOAD. It was awesome, and I pulled a Groudon ex from an Ex Crystal Guardians pack, that was happy, pretty card.

This is all my new swag from various members of the community (minus Halloween Golbat, Regigigas & Darkrai from eBay), I couldn't be happier with it all!

The tin with Sharpedo on it is the greatest thing ever, I love it. Cresselia has a little smile underneath her pointy nose, and Treecko beanie is so soft, very grateful to [info]mizu_rei for these, and rinkatink provided the awesome kids - I think Regice is my favourite, partially because he's also my favourite Regi (though Regigigas seems to be speeding up to meet and possibly surpass him - must be the plush).

My very first zukan, Darkrai, I love these figures and am now totally addicted, thanks to pheonixxfoxx. Palkia was a lot of fun to put together, he looks so frustrated. Primal Dialga is amazing. Beyond my favourite Pokemon collections, I would say I generally collect cards and plush (though I will admit kids are growing on me), Primal Dialga is a prime example - I love this plush, the detail is awesome, I'm so pleased with him. Halloween Golbat & Regigigas both came from a seller on eBay and I love them both so very much, lovely material, though one of Golbat's teeth needs a bit of resticking.

Excuse the glare. This is my recent load of various stickers and cards, hiragana card Metagross is amazing - I love the pose. The chipz make me very happy for some reason, they're nice and heavy, substantial, if anyone knows where I can get the Regice chipz or action flip, I'd be very grateful. The cute little Ho-oh drawing came from shemii (thanks a lot!) when she sent Ho-oh Pokedoll, I love it and will eventually stick it on my pin board with this:

Regigigas looks amazing on this handkerchief, makes me very happy indeed. :D

These are weird Hoenn starter change-to-Pokeball plush that I bought over the weekend in Game, they look kind of bizarre,  Mudkip looks highly concerned, and Treecko lacks a neck. I still think they're cute though.

I have loved Metagross since the first time I saw a picture of him before even owning Ruby, and it makes complete sense that I am now an avid Metagross collector (I love the amazing amount of awesome flat items and cards, even though I am lacking in the TCG area) - all my 3D Metagross have names (granted, that's only two at the moment, but there will be more!) Greyson the plush is King of course (named after his Pearl counterpart), but this little poseable one from rinkatink is Edison. Metagross-line zukan is grail, as is Ex Delta Species gold star Metagross which I will snap up somehow when my loan comes through. :)

That is my collection in brief (or not so brief), I'll update when I've organised it all into collections and my various other items arrive from the community. My main collections I would have to say are Metagross, Charizard (so very tiny collection ;_;), Zubat (if anyone has any Zubat plush for sale at any time, let me know!), Golbat & Crobat, the four Regi's (there should be Rock/Ice/Steel plush), Magikarp & Gyarados (always loved the symbolism of these two), Carvahna & Sharpedo (again, there should be plush! Squishy Carvahna must occur somehow), and more recently: Ho-oh, and DARKRAI. I LOVE THIS GUY.

Thank you all for helping my collection to grow very rapidly!

EDIT: I'm looking to do some browsing for plush at the moment, so if anyone has any on sale, let me know!

Tags: collection, darkrai, gyarados, introductions, magikarp, metagross, regice, regigigas, regirock, registeel
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