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I-bit-off-more-than-I-can-chew collection weeding sales

So as my title reads Iiiiiiiii bit off more than I can chew ._.  As a result I'm weeding out parts of my collection. Purging a majority of my eeveelutions :c

Annnnd I'm also going to Nintendo World for the first time next week! I'm so excited :> (and poor ;_;)

If you bought from me from my previous you're packages have been sent out except for nosidamsucram, miss10, and purplequilava. Your packages will go out either tomorrow or the day after :)
General Info:
-Granted sales permission by allinia on 3/24/14
-I ship from Virginia, USA
-My shipping days are primarily Wednesday and Thursday
-I have a dog
-My feedback is here and here
-All general pkmncollectors rules apply

-I accept PayPal only
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping and paypal fees
-Please send payment in a timely manner.
-I ship First Class using USPS and tracking is included for both Domestic and International packages
-I will protect items as best as I can but once the item has left my hands I cannot be held accountable for how the post office handles the items

-Please post all inquiries here. I will not do transactions through PM unless it's a special situation.
-Please indicate if you are asking for a quote or you are committed. If you do not include the word "quote" in your inquiry then it will be assumed you are committed. Backing out of sales once committed is grounds for being blocked from my sales or receiving negative/neutral feedback.
-I will hold as long as you are 100% committed up to 72 hours. I will allow for longer holds from people who have purchased from me before and those with positive feedback.
-I will accept trades/partial trades for items on my wants list found here
-Please inquire about the condition of items. I will be glad to provide more pictures!

Everything can be comebined with items from my previous sales

*All Kyun charas have bases and original box will be included
Eevee Kyun chara $14
Flareon Kyun chara $14
Espeon Kyun chara $14
Leafeon Kyun chara $14
Glaceon Kyun chara $14
Kids $4 each
Eeveelutions zukan $40
Eeveelution Ippai set *prefer to sell as a set* $80
20140921_011621 20140921_014142
Eevee Pokebox stamp $7
Espeon Pokebox stamp $7
Umbreon Pokebox stamp $7
Leafeon Pokebox stamp $7
Glaceon Pokebox stamp $7
Espeon heart shape stamp $4
Leafeon circle stamp $4
Flareon ILE Trump Motif MWT $14
Leafeon ILE sitting MWT $14
Flareon Korotto manmaru MWT $13
Flareon ILE Keychain plush $10
Eevee ILE Keychain plush $10
Flareon bootie $3
Leafeon custom plush by Glacidea $15
Flareon Pitapoke (has original packaging) $10
Leafeon Chupa $5
Leafeon Tomy $4
Leafeon kid $4
Flareon kid $3
I love Gothic Umbreon MWT $25 (unsure if I want to part with)
I love Gothic Espeon $23 (unsure if I want to part with)
ILE Regular Espeon $14
ILE Trump motif Espeon MWT $15
Custom laying Espeon $10
Umbreon standing kid $5
Umbreon Tomy $5
Umbreon friends figure $6
Umbreon sitting kid $5
Espeon Friends figure $6
Espeon Tomy $4
Espeon kid $5
Eevee dex charm $6
Flareon dex charm $6
Espeon dex charm $6
Leafeon dex charm $6
Or take all for $20

(sorry for blurry picture)
Venusaur pokemon time book mark $3
Mega Absol dex charms $13
Happy Party time charms $17
Mega Charizard Y dex charms $13
Mega Charizard X dex charms $13
Absol Swablu Gulpin Skitty Pokemon time puffy sticker sheet $15

Sylveon sparkle patch $10 on hold for shinyvaporeonn
Sylveon can badge $5 on hold for shinyvaporeonn
Sylveon dex charm $9

TCG sales
Price as follows (unless marked seperately):
Basic $0.25
Stage 1 $0.50
Stage 2 $1.00
Trainers $0.15
RH/Holo $1 (unless marked different)

All images taken from

X and Y

Weedle x 2
Kakuna x 2
Ledy ba x 2
Chespin x 5
Scatterbug x 2
Fennekin x 5
Braixen x 2
Fletchinder x 1
Shellder x 1
Staryu x 2
Froakie x 1
Frogadier x 1
Pikachu x 1
Voltorb x 4
Ekans x 2
Spoink x 1
Whirlipede x 1
Scolipede x 1
Diglett x 1
Lunatone x 1
Timburr x 3
Sableye x 1
Sandile x 1
Krokorok x 2
Inkay x 1
Doublade x 4
Doduo x 4
Dodrio x 1
Tailow x 3
Bidoof x 2
Lillipup x 1
Bunnelby x 2
Diggersby x 2
Fletchling x 5
Mr. Mime x 1
Spritzee x 2
Swirlix x 5
Cassius x 1, RH x 1
Hard charm x 4, RH x 1
Max revive x 1
Muscle band x 3
Professor Sycamore x 2
Professor's letter x 2
Red card x 1
Roller skates x 3
Shadow Circle x 3
Shauna x 1
Team Flare grunt x 3

Rainbow Energy x 1 , RH x 2

Flash Fire

Caterpie x 1
Pineco x 4
Seedot x 5
Nuzleafe x 2
Roselia x 7
Maractus x 1
Ponyta x 1
Litleo x 1
Feebas x 7
Spheal x 4
Sealeo x 1
Luvdisc x 2
Buizel x 4
Bergmite x 5
Avalugg x 2
Shinx x 1
Helioptile x 2
Duskull x 1
Dusclops x 1
Espurr x 2
Skrelp x 1
Geodude x 3
Graveler x 1
Binacle x 3
Sneasal x 1
Stunky 53 x 5
Stnky 54 x 1
Sandile x 1
Krokorok x 2
Scraggy x 2
Flabebe x 4
Floette x 3
Goomy x 1
Sliggoo x 1
Pidgey x 5
Sentret x 8
Miltank x 1
Buneary x 2
Fletchling x 3
Blacksmith x 2
Magnetic storm x 1
Pal Pad x 1
Pokemon center lady x 2
Pokemon fan club x 1

Protection cube x 3
Startling megaphone x 1
Trick shovel x 2

Furious Fists (cards are not RH or Holo unless specified in list beneath picture)

Bellsprout x 10
Weepinbel x 4
Shroomish x 6
Shelmet x 9, RH x1
Accelgor x 2
Magmar x 3
Torchic x 10
Combusken x 2
Poliwag x 5
GLaceon x 1
Cubchoo x 2
Beartic x 1
Clauncher x 5
Amaura x 2
Pikachu x 7
Electabuzz x 3
Plusle x 2
Minun x 5
Drowzee x 7
Hypno x 2
Jynx x 1
Skorupi x 4
Gothita x 3
Gothorita x 1
Golett x 10
Machop x 5
Machoke x 2
Hitmonlee x 2
Hitmonchan x 2
Hitmontop x 1
Breloom x 2
Makuhita x 5
Trapinchx 9
Mienfoo x 4
Pancham 59 x 1
Pancham 60 x 7
Tyrunt x 2
Drapion x 2
Scraggy x 4
Scrafty x 1
Clefairy 69 x 5
Clefairy 70 x 7
Clefable x 2
Vibrava x 1
Lickitung x 5
Eevee x9
Slakoth x 7, RH x 1
Vigoroth x 3
Tornadus x 1
Noibat x 8
Patrat x 1, RH x 1

Battle reporter x 4
Energy Switch x 5
Fighting stadium x 3
Focus sash x 2
Fossil researcher x 2

Full Heal x 5
Jaw fossil x 1
Korrina x 3
Maintenance x 3
Mountain ring x 1
Sail fossil x 1
Sparkling robe x 3
Super scoop up x 1
Tool retriever x 3, RH x 1
Training center x 4
Herbal energy x 2
Strong energy x 3
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