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I probably shouldn't be asking, but did anyone in here win this auction?


I'm only asking because I've been searching for the flareon stamper for a loooong time. If you are reading this, would you be willing to sell one of the flareon stamps to me? x3;

That's the end of that.

So I've also been thinking of selling this:-
Absol (super?) DX series plush;
Has no hang tag or tush tag unfortunately, but is otherwise in very good condition

As much as I love it, I just don't have the space. I can't display him properly, and I am not an Absol collector, so I think he would do much better in someone else's home...

It's no longer on ebay, where it was going for around $120 so I can't get a price guide for it. But I paid $60, so I'm looking for (preferably) over that number. But talk to me if you're interested :O
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