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Pokemon Transformation disc - photo and quick sale

Hi all!
I was quite curious about these and I thought some people would be too, so here are some photos (:


These are how they are packaged!
The assemble instruction is printed inside the box, so you will have to open the box to read those. However, they are pretty easy and you shouldn't really need to follow the instructions at all.

The disc... and stickers.
I don't actually like stickers much, but these are not as bad as plamos as these all go on "flat" surfaces, so turned out okay once I put them on.

The head is not removable from the head, and so is the claw and the "wing".

The base is a typical pokeball

Assembly is really easy and straight-forward, and here's a size-comparison with a swadloon kids figure (:

It is also somewhat quite posable, as seen below. It feels like plamos but more unique.

I took a photo of it and the box art, I think the actual thing is quite closed to the photo (:

It was actually harder to put it back to a disc than assmebling it, but it was fun. The parts kinda interlocks with other so you can actually "roll" this thing around xD

(I was gonna do Fennekin too, but I guess Garchomp should have given a good enough idea of what/ how these are so didn't do it... ^^;)

After some photo taking, these are going on quick sale (:

Garchomp is already opened and assemble for the photos below the cut.
Fennekin is new (I only opened the box to check, but there's slight damage to the box when I open it :/)

They are $6 + shipping/ fees each ($2.7 to anywhere in the world with box flattened in bubble mailer)
or take both for $12.5 shipped.
Please find the usual rules at my sales page as link below!

Lastly, a sales plug, please check out my sales, plenty of items left and feel free to combine (:

Link: http://poliwhirl.livejournal.com/11298.html

Thanks all!
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