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Pikadoll/Rush GA Payment 2 (finally) & Nintendo World Pickups!

Last night when I was getting this pickup posts together the unthinkable happened. Noppin FINALLY gave me the invoice for shiping!

a_flockofmarins doryphish333 elianti espurrkat jen81489 kwingette normandyai nysaurus pocketmonstrmeg rokeby thedaftlynx

altair_420 awill00 cipt clair2522 classypersian elianti espurrkat gundamshenlong marphoria munchcollector nessicrust normandyai omgitslph pachirichu pkmnexcavation queensylveon syminka starpurrloin zetsukitty4302

In order to make the shipping costs as fair as possible I divided between the lots. I counted the number of plush in each lot and gave each plush a multiplier (small plush 1, medium plush 3, large plush 5). I took the total of the plush inclding the multiplier of each lot and got a percentage of approximately how large the lots are in comparison to each other and divided the shipping between the lots that way. (I hope this made sense)

**For Pika doll GA I derped when I made Payment 1. I forgot about the payment handling fee so I added that to Payment 2 (it was only 32 cents per person!)

elianti espurrkat normandyai
Your combined totals are fond on the Rush GA totals tab :)

I am still missing your Payment 1 and tried contacting you multiple times. Your combined total for Payment 1 and Payment 2 are combined together in the Payment 2 column.

cipt altair_420
The items you got from my sales have been included in the price in the Payment 2 column already :)

Spreadsheet :)

Edit: Derp. I forgot to add where to send payment!

Please send payments to with "Rush GA/Pikadoll GA Payment 2 - username" in the memo

Now onto the original purpose of this post!

I'll be going to NYC on Wednesday to visit my Dad and going to Nintendo World for the first time! Thus I will be opening up some slots for pickups! My friend and I will be travelling by bus to NYC so the amount of pick up slots depends on how much I can carry and bring home by bus!

Pick up info
-This pickup was denkimouse approved :>
-Granted sales permission by allinia on 3/24/14
-I ship from Virginia, USA to anywhere
-My feedback is here and here
-Prices include item cost + NYC sales tax of 8.875% + small commission
-I accept PayPal only and all pickup payments are required in advance. In the event that the item you requested is not available you will receive a refund for that item.
-Shipping cost will be paid for seperately after I have picked up your items

If there's anything you would like that I do not have listed let me know and we will work something out! I do not know what they carry other than the plush!

*I am limiting pickups of 1:1 plush since I am travelling by bus

(All pictures were found from stalking tumblr and facebook for recent plush stock)

Prices are as follows:
Pokedolls and standard sized Poke plush $17
Middle stage and mega evo plush $29
Large poke plush $39
1:1 $54

I called Nintendo World this morning and found out this is all they currently have in stock:

Current stock:
Standard pokeplush

Mega evo/mid stage
-Mega blaziken
-Mega mewtwo y



1. clair2522 Swirlix

***When I visit on Wednesday I am going to take a picture of everything Pokemon they have in stock. I may or may not go back to NW again on Thursday before I leave NYC. If you're possibly interested in something at Nintendo World that's not plush (or non pokemons) let me know so I can look for it, find the price, and make time to go back on Thurs!

They said they will be getting in a new shipment in October so I might come back again for my birthday in a couple weeks :>

All items from my previous sales posts (here and here) can be combined with GA Payment 3 or with pickups~
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