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Mew Plushies in a Row!

Hello comm! I hope everyone is doing dandy! <3

I just wanted to post about all (or most at least) of the Mew plushies that I own! Who knows, you may even find one you want in the future if you're a Mew collector! And you're free to use my photos! Just make sure to credit me. ^^;

And if you need better pics of certain Mew plushies for a wants list, just ask! ^^

I also feel the need to say that none of the plushies seen here are for sale/trade. Sorry! ^^;

Here's a general look at all of them. Some are decorated, mint, a little dirty, etc., but I love them all the same. =3

Let's take a closer look at them! ^__^

Okay then (Lol, part of my Mew Kid collection is photobombing XD).
-The shiny blue Mew plush is a fantastic custom made by the talented renstwin on Deviantart. I highly recommended getting a custom plush from her as the quality is fantastic and are a good big size if you love large plush.

-The Mew with the sunglasses and bandana is "Talky" the 1:1 Tomy Mew. He still works but has no batteries in him at the moment. It's to better preserve him and all that. =)

-The more pink Mew with the red bow on her left ear is named "Pink'r". She's the Banpresto DX UFO 2005 plush. She's also one of the first Mew plush I got from eBay long ago. =3

-The small Mew with its mouth open that is closest to the shiny Mew happens to be the larger Walky Mew from the Walky series.

-The small Mew below the larger Walky Mew is a little custom made Mew I personally made using a Deviantart tutorial. I added some personal touches to it and made it look more like Mew's original design. I decided to name him Sugimori because of the earlier design he's based off of. =)

-The small Mew next to Sugimori is the smaller keychain version of the Top Insight Mew from Hong Kong originally. I got it from a GA I hosted long ago and not much is known too much about it. I do know there exists a larger version of this plush.

-Next to the Top Insight Mew is the smaller Walky Mew plush. I just got it because hey, I already had the larger version, so why not? XD

-And below Pink'r is the slightly pinker (lol) Yawarakai Mew 2005 plush. I actually have two of these! One my boyfriend shiny_zekrom gave me and the other I got on my own from Y!J. You'd think I would sell one of them but...they are absolutely identical. Both are mint with both tags AND hanging string intact...and if I sold one, I could accidentally sell the one my boyfriend gave me without knowing. So, I'm keeping both! The other twin will appear in another photo.

On to the next photo!

-The Mew on the very far left of the photo is the Tomy AG Mew plush. It's basically a smaller version of the 1:1 Mew, just without a voice box.

-The little Mew cuddling with the Tomy AG Mew is a custom I got from syminka, which she got from vulpes_canis from her grab bag plushie event! No worries, I got it at base price + shipping, so no profit was made off the sale. I love how skinny and unique it looks! ^^

-The big Pokedoll-looking Mew in the middle is...well the official PokePark DX Mew plush with both tags (you can see the paper tag slightly in the photo XD). Got it on Y!J long ago with little competition. I think I named this one "Pokey". Still love this plush to bits.

-The small Mew plush in front of the DX Pokedoll is a Mew 2007 Pokedoll with both tags. The plush itself is mint, however, the paper tag is slightly damaged. But I love it still regardless. I also have another Mew Pokedoll I got from Epcot but it's a travel buddy and pretty dirty at the moment. ^^;

-The even smaller Mew next to the Pokedoll is the mini Mew Pokedoll from the mini Pokedoll Set that was released about 1-2 years ago. I love this tiny Mew and makes a nice addition to the plush collection. I think I got it from a GA/GB of the set.

-The Mew plush next to the DX Pokedoll's left side (or the right side of the photo if you work like that) is the fuzzy Pokemon Center Mew plush! This was an eBay get from last year or so and I got it for a nice reasonable price. I looooooove how SOFT it is! <3

-And in front of the fuzzy Pokecen plush is the laying Banpresto UFO 2005 Mew plush. So small and so cute! I got it on eBay this year. =3

Next photo!

-The big Mew next to the fuzzy Pokecen Mew is the Big Size Banpresto 2005 Mew plush. I got this from a really huge stairs GA dezchu was hosting I believe. I named him "Fatty" because of his big butt. But I love him all the same. I also had the fuzzy version of this plush a while ago, but have since sold it long ago on eBay. Funny enough, the fuzzy plush went to another pkmncollector member, which was shiningmew!

-The Mew in front of Fatty is the fuzzy Tomy Mew plush. A bit dirty, but I always wanted to have it and got it sometime last(?) year. I believe it was a comm purchase.

-The big Mew next to Fatty's left side (or near the right side of the photo) is a bootleg. Boooo, hisss, etc. yeah bootleg, but this plush is nice for one. And I love how big it is. For a bootie, it's decent in quality, so it's a nice addition to the collection. I got it at a con (not a big surprise, but I knew it wasn't legit in the first place).

-The small Mew in front of both Fatty and the Bootie plush is a reversible Mew-to-Pokeball plush. I think it was a comm get. A bit dirty but still cute. =)

-And there's the other Yawarakai Mew plush! In front of the Bootie plush if you will. But yeah, pretty much identical to the other one.

Last photo!

-The Mew in the back with its eyes looking to its left (or looking to the right of the photo) is the Pokemon Center Mew 2005 plush. Not sure if this one is the bigger or smaller version (from what I heard), but I love it anyway. I can't remember if it was an eBay or Y!J get.

-The Mew in front of the Pokecen Mew is the old original Mew Hasbro plush! I got this from lucario in a GA she hosted I believe. She also cleaned and fixed it up before sending it as well (if I recall correctly she also did that to many of the plushies in the GA as they were in poor/dirty condition).

-The Mew in front of the Hasbro Mew is one of the few Friends Mew plush released. This one happens to be laying down, but has a string attached to its head for hanging purposes. I got this a long time ago on eBay. It's also a little dirty due to me using it as a purse decoration a few years back.

-The white Mew in the back next to the Pokecen Mew is a custom Mew Pokedoll by usakochan! I am so happy to own this plush, especially with the nice price I got it at (I wasn't the original commissioner). I love how it's white and all with little blue paw pads on both of its feet. X3

-The Mew next to the Hasbro Mew's left side (or right side of the photo) is actually another Hasbro Mew! But it's a plush keychain. My mom and bro got it a long time ago while shopping and surprised me with it when they got home. I ripped out its eyebrows though years back because they were starting to get really loose and unruly. I don't really know much about this plush other than owning it and I can't find much info about it online. If anyone can shed some light on it, I'd really appreciate it! =3

-The Mew with the Santa Claus get-up is obviously the Banpresto Christmas Mew plush. Very cute and ready for the holidays at anytime, lol.

-And finally, the Mew in front of the Santa Mew is the Hasbro Mew scrunchie plush! Kinda rare and very small and cute! Got it on eBay long ago along with a Charizard scrunchie and a Pikachu scrunchie. =)

AND that's that! Oh! I also have an announcement! I got a grail arriving in my deputy service's warehouse and will request shipping asap, eeeeeeeeee, so excited!!! 83

Thanks for looking! <3
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